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Fox News and other conservative  media outlets coverage of the COVID 19 pandemic illustrates the challenges and opportunities for the media in reporting and covering complex social issues. What should be the role of the media in our society? What would Madison’s expectation of public opinion as a foundation of democracy contribute to the role of the media… The media’s societal purpose, supported by the founding fathers' view of the essential role of the media to promotes public discussion that promotes government action. In a changing media landscape with digital platforms proliferating how can we leverage these developments to support citizens in their political engagement. 

By reviewing Fox News'  reporting about  the  Coronavirus and  COVID-19 Pandemic  and and more broadly the Conservative News Ecosystem  provides  a more comprehensive approach to understand and perhaps intervene if needed  to make the  coverage have a meaningful impact on the pandemic.

The Right Wing Ecosystem  and Fox News 


The Role of the Media in Addressing Social and Political Challenges 

In the political ecosystem, the media plays a central role in providing a framework and process for citizens to be part of the solution. We offer a comprehensive journalistic approach to address the complex challenges associated with the pain opioid epidemic.      Go to media as a stakeholder 

Examining Fox News 's coverage of  the COVID 19 Pandemic 

Visualizing the Fox News  as a Contributor to Public Opinion 


I  invite you to visualize how Fox News   across its various platforms  and the ecosystem that it is part of can play a major role to address the complexity of the COVID 19 Pandemic , a major social, health, political, political, economic, social justice and criminal justice challenge facing our nation.

Media Bias: Fox News

A Proposal

When complete this section will include the latest articles, social media, lectures and related information relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Fox Media  as a central stakeholder to a meaningful “solution” for the COVID-19 Pandemic.   

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