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This is version 1.0 (very early stage) of the citizen commission any feedback is greatly appreciated as we develop future versions.  

COVID- 19 Citizen Commission publicly  examines available information and documents related to the origin, response, and communication of events occurring since the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) was identified December 2019, in Wuhan, China. When appropriate we will invite relevant stakeholders to participate. The effort will lead to citizen oriented suggestions and an agenda to reclaim the role of the citizen in the body politic.

The COVID 19 Citizen Commission Citizen Toolbox 

The Case Presentation: a vehicle for citizens to collaborate, identify, analyze, develop, implement, and monitor a solution based “treatment plan” for medical problems. 

Timeline: a crowdsources timeline reflecting the unfolding and efforts to address COVID-19 by various stakeholders


Ecosystem: a way to clearly illustrate the complex ecosystem of the COVID-19 pandemic and to highlight the various stakeholders, their roles, and dynamics.


Citizen Briefs: a stand alone document addressing a particular societal challenge and its components


Checklist: a form that facilitates taking action and improves interaction  with various stakeholders and improves your activity.


Data: agree upon, important, easy to use and accessible data that is and relevant.


Tracers: a way to visualize analyze the development over time  and response to aspects of the COVID-19 


Blog: a place for information sharing of discussion 


Forum: a space for dialogue and deliberation about COVID-19 related issues

Groups: A meeting space for people sharing desire to address the challenges associated with COVID-19 and related issues


Crowdsourcing: a shared information base framed as a foundation for exploration of possible solutions to challenges is crucially important in collaborative problem solving.

Upcoming Sessions for the Citizens Commission
The COVID 19 Pandemic Ecosystem and Stakeholders 

The COVID 19 Pandemic Stakeholders


The Media and Mass Communication 




The United States 

Public Health Ecosystem 


Medical Ecosystem

The Academic and Research Ecosystem 


The People

  • Citizens

  • Consumers

  • Patients

The Private (commercial) Ecosystem 

  • The financial markets

  • The business community 


Not for Profit

  • Schools and Education 


The Citizen Commission Version 1.0 Overview with Coggle (Link to website)