Best Practice: The Coronavirus and  COVID-19 Pandemic  


This section will focus on stakeholder best practice addressing the The Coronavirus and  COVID-19 Pandemic challenge.


Developing and updating evidence based inventory of personal, clinical, social, legal and public policy materials and process related to the our vision.  We start with focusing on the Coronavirus and  COVID-19 Pandemic.



Overall Approach:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Cochrane resources and news


  • COVID-19 Response Plan - Veterans Affairs

  • Cochrane Reviews Relevant Special Collections

The Cochrane Reviews in these Collections are free to access. These Special Collections also include links to relevant Cochrane Clinical Answers - readable, clinically-focused, actionable answers to inform point-of-care decision-making for health professionals.

EVMS Critical Care COVID-19 Management Protocol 06-17-2020 |

Algorithm (Decision support/ based on evidence-based practice, patient's clinical status)

Patient education & information


Clinician education & information



  • Data analytics  

  • Point of care resources


  • The Coronavirus and  COVID-19 Pandemic





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